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In the field of anxiety



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The project depicts anxiety caused by exposure to the current-day media environment.

Shown as a webpage, the project consists of data points and visual output that portrays the degree of panic at a given moment.

A web server uses open data on COVID-19 to calculate the level of anxiety and visually correlates it with trending stories around the globe from the NewsApi service. The project happens in real time and changes occur immediately as the situation changes around the world.

The exact level of anxiety is shown in the looped photograph of a man wearing masks. The large number of masks shows the futility of panic. The number of masks, the clarity, color and the photograph’s playback tempo all depend on the level of anxiety.

Exhibition history:

«Art for the future» Biennale, Multimedia Art Museum

(Moscow, Russia) (from 21.12.21) (online program)

PANDEMIA” The New Art Fest, National Museum of Natural History and Science (Lisbon, Portugal)  (15.07.21 - 30.09.21) (offline)

"Depressed_Fest" "В Главном" Gallery (Tomsk, Russia) (25.12.20 - 8.05.21) (online)

"The Maker Art"  The New Art Fest (29.07.20 - 16.09.20) (online)

«Освоение пространств» Khodynka Gallery (Moscow, Russia) (02.07.20 - 23.08.20) (offline)

«HEART20»  Plasticine Art Factory  (01.07.20 - 31.07.20) (online)

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